Maldar Tymon

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Maldar Tymon

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 57

Maldar Tymon was a famous Taldan gladiator who is best remembered for having founded the River Kingdom of Tymon in 2021 AR.1


Maldar was a well-known gladiator during the early 21st century AR in his hometown of Oppara, where he competed at the Oppara Arena. Feeling that he needed a greater challenge, Maldar assembled a group of his fellow gladiators and joined the Fifth Army of Exploration, helping to conquer the area today known as the River Kingdoms. In return for his service, he was given a large stretch of land that included much of the Exalted Wood and a mandate to rule that land in the name of Taldor. Maldar and his companions accepted this challenge and founded the town of Tymon and began taming the local wilderness.1


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