Exalted Wood

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The Exalted Wood is a vast, untamed forest located in central Razmiran, north of the much smaller Vergan Forest.1


In the days before Razmir ascended to power, the Exalted Wood was known as the Vergan Forest.2 It was during this time in 2021 AR, that the famous Taldan gladiator Maldar Tymon was given jurisdiction over a large section of the region that included the Vergan Forest.3


The Exalted Wood is known for a wide variety of dangerous beasts and animals including the blood boar and the large emerald owls. An unusual variant of centaur possessing human arms and torso but with the head of a horse lives in the northern part of the forest, and speak their own language that is nearly unintelligible. Razmir's faithful have tried to tame the forest and subjugate the strange centaurs, but thus far have not succeeded.1

Far more dangerous than any forest creatures are the clergy of Razmir who dwell in a hidden fortress known as the First Step in the central part of the wood, east of the capital of Thronestep. New acolytes of the faith are sent there to complete their training and come out forever changed, fanatically loyal to the faith regardless of any previous misgivings.1

Despite this, the Exalted Wood remains a hotbed for outlaws and rebels dreaming of a life without the masked god's harsh rule.4