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Manfray Muralt

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Manfray Muralt

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 23

Count Manfray Muralt once ruled over the Ustalavic province of Odranto and harboured a terrible secret: he was partially possessed by the ancient necromancer Iselin Odranti. This unholy possession had been passed down like a curse from generation to generation ever since the refounding of Ustalav after the end of the Shining Crusade. Manfray, however, would prove to be the last pure-blooded descendant of House Muralt as he was unable to father children. Iselin, for reasons unknown even to him, was only able to exert his undead influence over those of the ancient Odranti bloodline so, together with Manfray's forced assistance, they researched forgotten family histories and ancient genealogies.1

In the end, Manfray and Iselin found a possible new heir, a male son of a forgotten branch of the family that had settled near Ardagh. Manfrey arranged to adopt this child, Conwrest, but when Iselin tried to posses Conwrest, his attempts failed, something to do with a thinning of the blood. Searching the family histories, they located another distant relation, Lyrabella. After scheming to bring about her family's doom, Manfray and Iselin also adopted Lyrella as a step-daughter, aiming to reunite the disparate branches of the family tree and sire a new heir fully susceptible to Iselin's influence. This plan continues, despite Manfray's death, with Conwrest and Lyrabella who fell in love and married before his passing.1


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