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County of Odranto
Autocratic noble
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 22

The Ustalavic county of Odranto lies in the far north of the country within the Soivoda region.1


Odranto has always stood as a barrier against the vicious northern Kellid nations of Numeria and Sarkoris (before the latter's fall at the beginning of the Age of Lost Omens). The Ustalavs had forced these barbarian hordes north of the Moutray River in ages past and, since then, the counts of Odranto have been responsible for keeping them there.23


Odranto is home to a particularly vile tribe of xulgaths known as the Marshworth Clutch. Unlike most tribes, they are devoted to Zura (instead of the xulgath's usual demonic patron Zevgavizeb) and indulge in foul vampiric rites that grant them unusual, unnatural abilities.4


Count Conwrest Muralt is the latest in the line of counts of Odranto.5

Castles and Fortifications

The history of ancient conflict and rule by the powerful counts of Odranto has led to the land being dotted with many castles from a variety of time periods and in a myriad of different architectural styles. Some of these castles are still inhabited, though some are decidedly not and are guarded for fear of what lies inside. The legends and fireside tales of Odranto are littered with stories of haunted castles and forlorn fortresses, such as House Beumhal, the Ground of Lost Tears and the infamous Castle Kronquist.23


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