Marstead Vizcarra

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Marstead Vizcarra

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 24-25

Marstead Vizcarra was a merchant in the region that is now the River Kingdom of Lambreth. In 4424 AR, he overthrew the local lord, Igan Varklein, who was discovered to use humanoid slaves to hunt for his own and his patrons' amusement. Marstead Vizcarra founded the small town of Sezgin and built and improved the roads linking the villages of the area to the rest of the realm. In 4449 AR, he also built the Raven Bridge across the Tolemaida River to link Sezgin to Daggermark. Over the years the Vizcarra family set up tanneries outside the town and built up Sezgin's reputation for fine leather working and as a center of the fur trade in river marten, otter, and beaver.1