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Nation River Kingdoms
Region Lambreth
Size Small town
Population 688
Ruler Vizcarra family
Leader Sanger Vizcarra, mayor

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 24f.

Sezgin is a small town in the River Kingdom of Lambreth.[1]


Sezgin was founded as a château and hunting lodge. In 4424 AR, the merchant Marstead Vizcarra overthrew the local lord, Igan Varklein, who was discovered to hunt humanoid slaves for his and his patrons' amusement.

Vizcarra built and improved the roads, linking the villages of the area to the rest of the realm. In 4449 AR, he also built the Raven Bridge across the Tolemaida River to link Sezgin to Daggermark. Over the years, the Vizcarra family set up tanneries outside the town, and built Sezgin's reputation for fine leatherworking and as a center for the fur trade in river marten, otter, and beaver.[2]

Sanger Vizcarra is the elected mayor of Sezgin, travelling to Maashinelle only upon matters of importance.[1]


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