Mekhum Temple

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The Mekhum Temple is a ruined, half-submerged temple to a forgotten deity in the Abendego Piercing near the Sodden Lands and Rahadoum. Its holy symbols were scrubbed from its walls after the Oath Wars thousands of years ago. It now houses a deceiving rusalka, Malsandra, who is grifting the residents of nearby Mekhum.[1]


The temple's most prominent surface features are its 88 marble columns, each 40 feet tall, supporting a domed roof and an oculus at its apex. The dome covers what was once a round amphitheater and passages to underground housing, all of which has since become a flooded swamp along with the rest of its surroundings. Its few dry areas attract vermin and other swamp creatures that seek shelter, while Malsandra lairs in the submerged amphitheater—but even she avoids the deeper passages, where the restless, vengeful spirits of the temple's priests reside.[1]


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