Abendego Piercing

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Estimated location of the Abendego Piercing.[1]

The Abendego Piercing is the name given to a network of way stations established by the Knights of Salvation in the Sodden Lands after the appearance of the Eye of Abendego. The way stations were connected to each other by ropes or chains, so that people could find their way between stations during blinding storms by holding onto the chains. Some of the way stations were created by magic, while others are mundane elevated stone bunkers.

The knights have long since departed, but many of their shelters still survive—and some of them are now the lairs of monsters. One of the most famous of these shelters is the one known today as Fangspire.[2] Another is the partially submerged Mekhum Temple, where locals believe that a rusalka who inhabits it is actually a ghost of a drowned woman.[3]


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