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Source: Fey Revisited, pg(s). 50–51

Malsandra is a rusalka rogue inhabiting the abandoned Mekhum Temple in the Abendego Piercing, near the border of Rahadoum and the Sodden Lands. She has tricked the inhabitants of nearby Mekhum into thinking she is the ghost of a drowned woman, and that by paying her tribute she can spare them from the Sodden Lands' encroachment.1


Malsandra appears as most rusalkas do, as a pale, nude humanoid-appearing woman with dark hair that moves around her as though she were underwater, even when on land.1


Malsandra was spawned with her sisters in a stream inside the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. She left her family to find a her own body of water, swimming south down the Rimeflow River and into the Steaming Sea before coming across Mekhum Temple.1


The rusalka keeps sailors who have wandered into the marshes near her temple as pets. She is also rumored to associate with a small black dragon.1


After leaving her family, Malsandra traveled far to the south and came across an abandoned temple near where the Sodden Lands met Rahadoum. The temple's holy symbols had been removed during the Oath Wars, leaving it a ruined monument to a forgotten god half-submerged in a swamp.1

Residents of Mekhum, a fishing village, believed her to be the ghost of a drowning victim, and she took advantage of the village's suspicions and lack of clerics to demand tribute from them each year on the anniversary of her arrival.1


Malsandra wields an enchanted rapier and hand crossbow, and keeps the most attractive baubles and items offered to her by the residents of Mekhum.1