Mizravratta Brahmodya

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The Mizravratta Brahmodya1 is an ancient text, written by the yogi Balazastar. The work was dictated by the avatar of the Vudran goddess Likha, the Teller.23

The text explores the earliest history of the world, including the original formation of the Vudran subcontinent when the deity Vudravati walked across Golarion.4


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  1. In the Pathfinder First Edition sourcebooks Campaign Setting (2008) and The Inner Sea World Guide (2011), this book is consistently spelt as Mizravrtta Brahmodya. While Sixty Feet Under (2020) has the same canon status as The Inner Sea World Guide, it is a much more modern source and its article focuses on Vudra, so its spelling is preferred on the PathfinderWiki. The earlier spelling is treated as a spelling variant and redirected to this page.
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