Morklau Hornbreaker

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Morklau Hornbreaker
Aliases Rainmaker
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Orc
Class Sorcerer 15
Gender Male
Homeland Mwangi Expanse

Source: The Mwangi Expanse, pg(s). 101

Morklau Hornbreaker is a famous Matanji orc demon-slayer.[1]


Morklau is part of the Matanji aristocracy, and lived a sheltered childhood. At a young age, he earned the Rainmaker' sobriquet due to how many rainkin he fathered. Currently, even though he is not that old, he has fathered 67 children both orc and half-orc, many of them twins and triplets.[1]


Morklau gets along well with half-orcs, and seeks to join the council so he could bring orcs and half-orcs closer together. He also teaches fellow demonic sorcerers to control their powers, rigorously training them, pushing them to the limits, and always considering them novices until they could snap a demon's horns in half with their bare hands.[1]


When Morklau decided to see the real, unsheltered world, he took a caravan to go beyond the walls. During this time, he met many friends, ate different food, and awakened sorcerous powers. He trained with various cultures and fought many demons that were attracted to his blood before returning home, when a demonic horde was trying to break through the walls. Morklau fought in a way unexpected of an aristocrat, and earned the Hornbreaker title when he snapped the horns of a nabasu with his own hands.[1]

Morklau then left behind the aristocratic lifestyle and joined the warriors, continuing to hone his powers and strength, while also using his noble birth to ensure that the warriors' voices are heard.[1]


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