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A Matanji orc.

Matanji orcs are the predominant orc ethnicity in the Mwangi Expanse. Renowned for their demon-slaying prowess, they have a better relationship with their neighbours than their Avistani kin in the Hold of Belkzen.1


Matanji orcs were driven out of the Darklands during the dwarven Quest for Sky in the Age of Darkness and fled to the Mwangi Expanse by raft. Many of their people died in the process, and the survivors carved out a hard-won and insular existence in the Mwangi Jungle.2

Followers of Angazhan eventually encountered and battled Matanji ca. 223 AR,3 with those who fell being corrupted into charau-ka. The orcs, enraged by this disrespect, destroyed their transformed former kin, and rallied to drive off the Angazhani cultists and their Gorilla King. Exposure to their demonic blood only strengthened the battling Matanji to victory, and they spent the subsequent centuries hunting demons and their cultists, capturing specimens, perfecting their demon-slaying techniques, and experimenting on their own physical forms to optimize their abilities.2


A Matanji carving of Majagua, goddess of community.

Even though they live far from Arcadia, the Matanji are a major centre of worship for Kazutal, who they know as Majagua. Her focus on community, and especially the protection of it, fits well with the philosophy of the Matanji, who pride themselves on how their strength can shelter their allies.1


Despite not spending much time with them, the Matanji greatly revere and respect the Ekujae elves. They have learned many tactics for demon hunting from listening to the stories of this community and even follow many of their superstitions, such as eschewing gold. Indeed, many Matanji orcs would consider it the greatest honor to marry an Ekujae elf and bring their skill and history into their society.1

After the destruction of Yamasa by the Eye of Abendego, the Matanji took in many of the Yamasan refugees and provided them with a new home. The Yamasans helped the Matanji develop their farming in turn, and the two now have a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.1


The bulk of the Matanji population dwell within Nine Walls, a sprawling nation of nine cities which encircle each other and go on for miles. At the centre is Matakali, the largest of the cities and the political heartland1 whose founding dates back to -58 AR. Its signature walls were first erected in 223 AR after the settlement's first encounter with minions of the Gorilla King.3


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