Muted God

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Muted God

Source: Hands of the Muted God, pg(s). 3-4

The Muted God, whose true name has been lost to history, is one of the failed applicants to godhood now enshrined in Absalom's Shrine of the Failed.1


Centuries ago, the Muted God (also known as the Unspoken One) amassed thousands of followers during his lifetime before he attempted the Test of the Starstone in Absalom's Ascendant Court district. Unlike the devotees of the countless others who have failed their apotheosis, the cultists of the Muted God remained active after his death, convinced that he had truly ascended. Many who followed his teachings of perfect silence used their skills for crime, increasing the flow of coin into the coffers of his cult.1

In truth, however, the Muted God had not ascended but had learned a type of powerful magic related to the Final Incantation, the final spell that can undo all creation. His magic was an inverse of the Final Incantation, and created a font of powerful magic located in his shrine near the Weeping Grandfather, a mountain in the Kortos Mounts. The remains of his cult (known as the Hands of the Muted God) began using this font to recharge magic items that had spent their power in the early 48th century AR, reselling them in Absalom's Puddles district. These sales began to quickly garner them attention of the worst sort: drow disciples of the demon lord Abraxas.1