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Nameless Spires

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The Nameless Spires1 are the ruins of an ancient city located on Golarion's geographical North Pole, in the Crown of the World.2 The city was built by the saumen kar after the formation of Golarion but before Earthfall.3


The ruins' buildings are carved of dark stone and metal and laid out in stellar patterns linked by stone roads. Six spires, each reaching up to 2,000 feet in height, are evenly spaced in the outskirts of the city. A black liquid has undermined the foundations of certain buildings and erupted from subterranean cysts leagues away from the city.2

The city contains the First and Last Temple of Aqakaru, a temple dedicated to the deceased goddess known as the 'Snow Mother' of the saumen kar.3

Progressions of will-o'-wisps, burning alien constellations, swirl around the Nameless Spires but never actually enter the city. It is speculated that they feed upon the terror of the ancient dead, or upon the emotions of an alien thing lurking underground.4

Erutaki belief

Erutaki pilgrims sometimes approach, but rarely enter, the city during their vision quests. Few have entered the ruined city and returned, and those who do tell of empty streets, eerily beautiful buildings, strange plants, and creatures made of metal and ice, but never dare return for a second time.2 Erutaki psychics do travel to the Nameless Spires, though only in their dreams, due to a special link to the Spires they claim to uphold.5


Important for psychic scholars, the Infinity Scroll was found by a Varisian team exploring the Nameless Spires in 4681 AR who took it to Riddleport for study. Its contents and provenance generated great academic debate across Golarion but, unfortunately, the scroll disappeared during a riot in around 4690 AR.6


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