Narven Feathereyes

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Narven Feathereyes
A statue of Narven Feathereyes.

Forest King1
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 38

Narven Feathereyes was the founder and ruler of the druid kingdom of Narven in the Arthfell Forest (then still part of Cheliax). He died under somewhat mysterious circumstances in 4508 AR.23

Gift to the Pathfinder Society

Forest King Narven gifted a magical hedge maze to the Pathfinder Society approximately 200 years ago, growing it from the ground up on the lawn of the Galtan Woodsedge Lodge. The Maze of the Open Road contains magical teleportation portals, used in times past by the Decemvirate to travel to the lodge for meetings. Narven planted additional portals within the Maze that brought in strange beasts as time went on, making it dangerous to traverse its paths.4


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