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The looted Woodsedge Lodge stands in the city of Woodsedge in southern Galt. It was once an important locale for the Pathfinder Society and held magical, historical, and cultural artifacts; during its heyday, the lodge housed fabled treasures such as the Thorncrown of Iomedae, Vesper's Rapier, and the Golden Carriage of Gaspar Longfellow, among other items of cultural value.1

In addition, the lodge serves as an important hub for travel due to the Maze of the Open Road.2


The lodge suffered considerable damage when the Red Revolution first began, although it persisted in some capacity regardless. The death blow came due to a bandit raid in 4704 AR, when its remaining relics were looted. The lodge was then heavily damaged by the following riots when Revolutionary fanatics also attacked, slaying the venture-captain and hanging her servants from the three towers of the lodge.1

In response to the fall of their lodge, the Pathfinder Society secretly sent three Pathfinder venture-captains to Woodsedge to reclaim the lodge. This trio consisted of the elderly former adventurer Lofton, the cunning sorceress Senri Stenn, and their half-orc leader Thuurv. The Society tasked them with uncovering information about the lost relics, reclaiming the lodge, and perhaps gaining revenge against those responsible for the lodge's demise.3

More recently, Venture-Captain Eliza Petulengro returned to Galt from Absalom in an official attempt to reclaim the building for the organisation. However, her presence is barely tolerated by the locals due to her less-than-revolutionary views and tendency to hire servants from the former aristocracy.4

After Petulengro's unmasking as a member of the Decemvirate in 4719 AR, the role of venture-captain was ceded to Armeline Jirneau.5


The Woodsedge Lodge is a two-story manor with a meeting room, great hall, kitchen, training facility, armory, libraries, master bedroom, and walled-in garden on the first floor, and bedrooms for guests, visiting dignitaries, and servants on the second floor.6 The grand hall contains the stuffed body of Beaky III, the pet owlbear of Stavian I, the grand prince of Taldor in the early part of the 46th century AR.7


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