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Nashota Bloodhoof

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Nashota Bloodhoof
Nashota Bloodhoof
Titles Princess
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Centaur
Class Fighter 8
Gender Female
Homeland Kortos Mounts, Isle of Kortos
Organization Cangarit Tribe

Source: The Kortos Envoy, pg(s). 4

Nashota Bloodhoof is warrior-princess and leader of the Cangarit centaur tribe on the Isle of Kortos.

A powerful warrior in her own right, Nashota is well respected by her kin and fights fiercely to protect her tribe from outsiders. Even so, she is no savage and has accepted outside aid from the Pathfinder Society to find diplomatic means to end hostilities with Absalom.

She agreed to represent the Pathfinder Society in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament.[1]