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Level 10

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 245

Nihils are horrifying sloth-like aberrations who feed on both the negative emotions and flesh of others.[1]


Niliths resemble grey, starved sloth creatures with vicious needle-like teeth, long claws, and piercing red eyes. Niliths are roughly the size of a human, though there is little mistaking these creatures for any humanoid creature.[1]


Niliths have a number of ways to inflict misery on their targets and focus heavily on innate abilities that confuse, despair, and panic their prey. Worst, should the nilith successfully grab some poor creature, the nilith is able to directly implant the target's worst fears into its mind, which often will completely break the will of the target, leaving it defenseless against consumption.[1]


While native to the Material Plane, niliths have some strange connection to the Dimension of Dreams, seeming to draw some sort of power from that blighted realm. Nihils themselves tend to avoid other nihils, which prevents the creatures from becoming overwhelming threats to areas, though a single nihil can still wreak substantial havoc on a community.[1]


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