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The alchemical symbol for silver
(Alchemical item)

Alchemical reagent
Source: Alchemy Manual, pg(s). inside back cover

Silver is a precious metal with anathematic properties, and an especially strong reputation for harming werecreatures and devils.1


Galena is a natural mineral that is an important ore of lead and silver.2 It was most famously used to construct the Half-Empty Palace on Illumis, the fifth tier of Heaven.3

Alchemical reagent

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Silver is an alchemical reagent in its purified form that is used in alchemical recipes. As an alchemical power component it is associated with boosting the effectiveness of illusion spells. One dose of silver costs a single gold piece.4

On Golarion

In currency

Silver is commonly used in currency, generally with a value of 10 silver pieces per gold piece and 10 copper pieces per silver piece.5[citation needed]

In culture

Where silver is a major part of a region's economy, it often gains greater cultural import. For example, the city of Kintargo—nicknamed the Silver City—is a center of the silver trade in Cheliax, and many of its locations and features are named after the metal (such as the Silver Road, the Silver Star shop, and its historical saviors the Silver Ravens).6

In weapons

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While an inferior and expensive metal for weaponsmithing, weapons that are designed to harm certain outsiders can be crafted from silver. Silver is especially effective against devils, werecreatures, and certain good-aligned outsiders,7[citation needed] so much so that against these creatures, even ordinary silver objects can be effective weapons of opportunity.8[citation needed] Silver powder can also reinforce magic circles that ward against them.7[citation needed]

Alchemical silver

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Silver can also be integrated with steel—though not with skymetals or cold iron—through complex alchemical and metallurgical processes. Such alchemical silver weapons are more durable and effective than those made of pure silver while retaining silver's anathematic properties, though they are still less deadly in general use than pure steel weapons.9[citation needed]


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