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Sphere Demiplane within the Dimension of Dreams
Gravity Normal
Time Flowing
Realm Finite
Structure Lasting
Essence Mixed
Alignment Mildly chaotic
Magic Normal
Divinities Bokrug

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 213

The Dreamlands[1] is a finite, relatively stable demiplane located within the Dimension of Dreams. It is possible to travel there via the obscure occult ritual known as the Dreamlands excursion; the Dreamlands is less accessible than the Outer Planes but easier to travel to than individual dreamscapes within the Dimension of Dreams.[2][3]


A dreamer that enters the Dreamlands for the first time descends a spiral staircase that emerges from the side of a great tree into the Enchanted Forest.[3]


The Dreamlands is inhabited by both humans and beings of the Elder Mythos like Ib shades and the Great Old One Bokrug. Entire nations exist within the Dreamlands.[3][4]


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