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Source: Heaven Unleashed, pg(s). 42

Olquinhat is a star archon and the former commander of the Entropic Hold, a bastion part of Heaven's Prime Vallation that drifted into the Maelstrom. Due to her insanity, she was stripped of her rank and imprisoned.1


Long ago, Olquinhat's bastion was the target of a demonic assault led by the balor Izzdeveron. She led her forces to victory and defeated the enemy commander, but as he died, Izzdeveron unleashed an explosion that tore the bastion away from Heaven, forcing the denizens to attach it to the rest of the Prime Vallation with an immense chain.1

During the following years, being surrounded by chaos and being ignored by her superiors when she asked for adequate supplies, Olquinhat went insane and attempted to break the chain holding the Entropic Hold, screaming that it needs to be consumed by the Maelstrom. In the hope of curing her madness, her men imprisoned Olquinhat so she could be rehabilitated. Her successor, the planetar Dunnoziel, occasionally visits her to soothe her insanity, and noted that the farther the Entropic Hold gets away from Heaven, the more of her sanity seems to return, to the point that she has become capable of advising Dunnoziel on strategy.12