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Orynox Marchelin

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Orynox Marchelin
Titles King
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Fire giant
Class Fighter (polearm master) 9
Gender Male
Homeland Kragnaroth

Source: Giants Revisited, pg(s). 21

Orynox Marchelin is the ruler of the fire giant realm of Kragnaroth in the Mindspin Mountains, east of Varisia. He has reigned Kragnaroth since his father's death in 4631 AR and has been recognized as one of the finest and most brutal kings yet. He is a fierce and ruthless warlord. He has killed no fewer than five of his own wives but still all fire giantesses within the kingdom swoon over the chance to marry him. His latest queen is Hregana, a great warrior who traveled from distant lands to the south to seek Orynox's hand in marriage. The king seems to be especially preoccupied by her. Orynox plans to expand Kragnaroth across the Mindspin Mountains both south and east.[1]