Othine Dalanse

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Othine Dalanse
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 3 /
Inquisitor (infiltrator) 4
Gender Female
Homeland Katapesh (city)
Deity Lamashtu
Organization Twilight Talons

Source: Broken Chains, pg(s). 18

Othine Dalanse is an accomplished undercover Twilight Talons member, working out of Katapesh. Her most recent reported success was the elimination of a slaver ring in the city of Katapesh's Twilight Gate district.[1] Shortly thereafter she went missing. Her body washed up along the River Scorpius, but was soon determined to be a fake by Whispershade.[2]

Unfortunately for her, Othine never had eliminated the Katepshi slaver ring, but had been captured and brainwashed by them.[1] This has caused her to go insane, turning her back on the Twilight Talons, and adopt Lamashtu as her goddess.[1][3]


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