Outer City

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Outer City, known also as the Ledge, is one of the three parts of the metropolis of Highhelm (Inner City, Outer City, the Depths). The Outer City is built on a broad plane several hundreds feet wide the dwarves cut on the Emperor's Peak around the colossal cavern of the Inner City within the mountain itself. The Ledge faces the west, the south and the east. From its walls the visitor can see half of Druma and most of the Verduran Forest. Highhelm's main siege wall, known as the Plummet Wall, is a huge 40-foot-thick battlement that rests at the end of the Ledge. A stout wall, the Second Wall, built 20 feet above the base of the Ledge encircles the inner face of the mountain's peak. The East Gate and the West Gate are the main entrances into Inner City and are heavily fortified.[1][2]