Inner City

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Inner City is the name of one of the three parts of the metropolis of Highhelm (Inner City, Outer City, the Depths). It is carved into a colossal cavern within Emperor's Peak. Its 100-foot-tall ceilings are supported by huge pillars and arches. The majority of Highhelm's population live in the Inner City. Neatly planned streets connect rows of private dwellings, shops, and alehouses. From these streets, a number of long staircases climb the great stone hill known as King's Motte on which the Stonehall, the carved palace from which High King reigns, is located. In the east wall of Inner City's cavern, a large hole known as the dawnhole allows sunlight to enter from dawn to noon, while a similarly carved hole, known as the duskhole, in the west wall allows light to enter in the latter part of the day. At the time of the day the sunlight pierces neither hole, the cavern goes almost completely dark, and this time is called blacknoon.[1]

Beneath the Inner City, tunnels weave through earth and stone connecting thousands of halls and chambers. These lower levels are known as the Depths.[1]