Outer Rim

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The Outer Rim is the southernmost portion of the Crown of the World, forming a ring of mostly inhabitable land. The Rim is the area within five degrees of Golarion's arctic circle, roughly equivalent to the mountain ranges that form the northern boundaries of Avistan and Tian Xia. North of the Outer Rim is the region at the top of the world covered in a permanent glacier: the High Ice.12

The Outer Rim is the only portion of the Crown in which there is any significant change in temperature between winter and summer, making it the most suitable part of the continent for habitation.2 Its ecology is similar to that of subarctic regions further south such as Irrisen, with taiga giving way northward to tundra. Megafauna such as caribou, musk oxen, woolly rhinos, mammoths, wolves, and bears call this region home. The waterways are rich with fish, while seals and walruses swim in the oceans. Savage humanoids like ogres, trolls, bugbears, and frost giants make the Outer Rim dangerous for the native humans, elves, and dwarves.3