Frost giant

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Frost giant
Eovath, a frost giant.

Frost giants are a generally evil race of massive humanoids with white or blue-tinged skin, and stand close to 15 feet in height, weighing roughly 2,800 pounds. As they are impervious to cold, they tend to frequent Avistan's northern latitudes. They are particularly common in the witch realm of Irrisen and near the Crown of the World.12


Frost giants are among the most feared of the giants, as they are highly aggressive, prone to blood-lust, and very fond of raiding. They prefer attacking from surprise, and are quite adept at blending into their snowy environment. They prefer launching small boulders at their targets until they run out of ammunition, then switch to their massive greataxes.3[citation needed]

Habitat and society

Amiri battles a frost giant.

These giants live almost entirely by raiding and hunting. Roughly half of their population lives in small nomadic bands or tribes, while the rest settle down in abandoned castles or caves.3 They are known to often ally with fearsome winter wolves and, though they tend to dominate such alliances, frost giants must be careful not to antagonise their lupine allies as they have been known to tear giants that upset them limb from limb.4


Frost giants worship Thremyr as their creator god.Sean K Reynolds. “Introduction” in Gods and Magic, 3. Paizo Inc., 2008</ref>


A frost giant watch tower on alert.

The only known frost giant city is actually a fortress: Holvirgang, located in the far north of Irrisen. Built into the side of a glacier, it houses approximately 300 frost giants, and close to 1,000 other creatures of various races.5


Paizo published a major section about frost giants in Monster Codex.

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