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Paradox box

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Paradox box
(Magic item)
Aura Moderate abjuration and conjuration
Caster Level 9
Type Wondrous item
Slot none
Origin Thassilon

Source: Shards of Sin, pg(s). 64-5

A paradox box is a small, almost cube-shaped stone box with dimensions of 18 inches or less per side. It has no hinges or lid, but can be opened via a command word or combination, not by any other mundane or magical means. The combination or a clue to the command word was commonly scribed onto the box, making the opening as much of a puzzle as anything else. When opened, a paradox box has an extradimensional space inside with a volume of a cubic foot. Any item, regardless of weight, that can fit in this space can be sealed inside the box. These items are commonly of Thassilonian manufacture.[1]


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