Pardu Pildapush

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Pardu Pildapush

Source: Slave Pits of Absalom, pg(s). 7

Pardu Pildapush is a Vudrani slaver who owns Pildapush's Chattel on Misery Row, the only street in Absalom where the buying and selling of sentient beings is legal. Unsurprisingly for a man of his profession, Pardu has few morals and is willing to look the other way for the sake of profit. He is a cautious man who does little without making extensive preparations to deal with any contingencies that might arise from his unpleasant trade. Like his business, Pardu's home is also in the Coins neighborhood. Pildapush is served by a group of freed halfling slaves who have formed a knife gang called the Puddlejumpers. Because Pardu himself freed them from bondage and pays them well, they are very loyal to him.1