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PathFinder 2e Wiki

Where do I find the 2nd Edition version of entries in the PathFinder Wikipedia?

Perhaps simply adding summary information for each addition for affected entries is enough. Though, specific differences can be added beneath each heading with a sub-header for each Edition.

Changes to the setting may best be addressed with sub-headings of the date specific changes occurred for information in an entry. This also addresses any changes occurring as the timeline advances.

Hello User:Maggarf. We are embedding 2e information into the wiki in, essentially, two ways:
  1. For more mechanical elements, we have adopted a tabbed infobox on relevant pages such as for creatures and people. Have a look at Horned archon as an example. You can see an infobox in the top right corner of the page and can click between 1E and 2E information. You'll also see on that page how we have handled a name change between versions.
  2. For in-world elements, we write as all-seeing scholars from Golarion (see PathfinderWiki:Point of view), so a version change is meaningless in that context. We just progress the history along as a seamless continuation using in-world dates as our references within articles, rather than published Paizo material. If there are more irreconcilable differences, we keep that out of the main text but instead make an explanatory footnote.
Our goal is to serve players of 1E, 2E, and/or both versions alike, so hope this way forward works for all. For more crunchier elements of the role-playing game, our sister sites have had to adopt a much more dramatic change, such as at Archives of Nethys where they have, in effect, created a brand new site for 2E. We shan't be doing that.
We rely on editors to make these changes so there are many parts of the wiki that have not been updated to incorporate 2E changes and any help you can bring to that project will be much appreciated by all. Come back if that hasn't answered your question fully.-Fleanetha (talk) 14:18, 11 September 2020 (UTC)