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This page is part of a defunct project. See PathfinderWiki:Semantic Data Initiative instead.

Project goals

As the number of sourcebooks supporting the Pathfinder campaign setting increases month by month, it is important that we as a community stay up on updating these product pages to make searching for the content of any specific book easier. Not only does this help those using the site as a resource, but it can also provide additional help when updating, editing, and organizing the wiki itself.

This goals of this project are two-fold. First we need to get all existing product pages categorized so that we are current. After catching up with everything so far released or announced, we must also remain vigilant to ensure that no new products come out without being added to the wiki and categorized in the same manner.



Most categorization is now automated by the appropriate product type template. See {{Infobox/Book}} for details.

Every product page should be categorized such that it can be found via a search for the following criteria: author, title, year of release, product line, and adventure level/type (where applicable). Using Tower of the Last Baron as an example, the following tags serve the listed organizational purpose:

  • [[Category:5th level adventures]] - adventure level
  • [[Category:Infiltration adventures]] - adventure type
  • [[Category:Adventures]] - product type
  • [[Category:2008 adventures]] - year
  • [[Category:Pathfinder Modules]] - product line
  • [[Category:Stephen S. Greer]] - author

In each instance, the Category tags also contain the product's name following a "|" to further organize it within the listed subcategories. Thus, the actual tag entered for product line would be [[Category:Pathfinder Modules|Tower of the Last Baron]]. Notice that the "LB1" has been omitted. The same would apply to Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes, for which one should include only the issue title, excluding the issue number.

Organizing subcategories

This should require less work once the initial subcategorization has been accomplished. The tree should look something like this:


Sourcebooks by year
2007 sourcebooks
2008 sourcebooks
2009 sourcebooks
Sourcebooks by product line
Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Pathfinder RPG
Pathfinder Player Companion
Sourcebooks by author
Author's names, in alphabetical order by last name


Adventures by level
1st level adventures
2nd level adventures
Adventures by type
Dungeon adventures
Wilderness adventures
Urban adventures

For examples of this in practice, take a look at Category:Sourcebooks and follow the subcategories to get an idea of how they are laid out.


This project was created on June 7, 2008 by Yoda8myhead.

I've made some changes to the {{Book}}, {{Adventure}}, and {{Adventure overview}} templates that greatly expand the autocategorization possible. For most published books and periodicals, the number of manually entered categories on articles should be down to two or fewer. Hopefully this will greatly simplify consistent categorization of new and existing books as these modernizations are implemented.
At this point, all Pathfinder Modules and all Paizo Society Roleplaying Guild scenarios from seasons 0 and 1 use all of these new features, many Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Player Companion books, and most PFS scenarios and Adventure Path issues use many of them. The infobox templates have also been documented for these new features, the categorization help pages have been updated, and new infobox templates built on these models have been created for accessories, miniatures, and other non-book products. --Oznogon (talk) 02:48, 27 November 2014 (UTC)
Edited text and updated examples to reflect changes to product type categorization. -Oznogon (talk) 15:48, 30 July 2015 (UTC)
Sourcebook categorization is now largely automated via infobox templates. Multiple binding types for a growing number of books (hardcovers vs. pocket editions vs. PDFs, or trades vs. issues for comics) present new challenges. See Special:WikiForum/Book_template_needs_adjustments. -Oznogon (talk) 05:37, 7 July 2017 (UTC)