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This page is an official policy on the PathfinderWiki.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

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This is how case should be handled in all text on PathfinderWiki, including article, navbox, and infobox titles, headings, and text:

  • Use English sentence case. Per Wikipedia: "A mixed-case style in which the first word of the sentence is capitalised, as well as proper nouns and other words as required by a more specific rule. This is generally equivalent to the baseline universal standard of formal English orthography."
Goblin dog

Goblin dogs are foul-smelling, rodent-faced canines.
== Habitat, ecology, and society ==
Goblin dogs are selfish creatures.
  • The only exception is: If the canon material capitalizes a word, so should PathfinderWiki.
Thus the Mendevian Crusades were born.
== Third Mendevian Crusade ==
After the Second Crusade ended with the total loss of Sarkoris ...


Because of the design of MediaWiki, the software used to run the PathfinderWiki, the correct choice of case is extremely important. An article titled Some Test Article is a separate and unique article from Some test article. However, Some test article and some test article are treated as the same, as the first letter is always considered to be capitalized. Using a consistent case for article titles is therefore required for links to behave as expected.

Section linking

Links can be made directly to sections on a page by using a hash sign (#, also called a hashtag or pound sign). For example, this link to #Reasoning points to the "Reasoning" section. These links are also case sensitive, so a link to a section titled Habitat and ecology must point to #Habitat and ecology. If the section's title is changed, including its case, any links to that section must also be updated.


When more than one page uses the same name and the second disambiguating page uses parentheses, the words in parentheses should be in lower case if following on; use Pathfinder Society (organized play), not Pathfinder Society (Organized Play). Only capitalize here if canon material does so, for example, at Corpselight (disambiguation) we have links to Corpselight (creature) and Corpselight (Geb).