Corpselight (Geb)

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Nation Geb
Size Small town
Population 1,500
Demographics 1,100 humans, 150 ghouls, 180 various undead, 50 elves, 10 dwarves, 5 halflings, 2 vampires, 3 gnomes
Government Overlord
Alignment Lawful evil
Ruler Lord Mayor Avram Bloodoath (LE human vampire fighter 7)
Leader High Priestess Alcaniel Elmaren (NE human cleric of Urgathoa 8)
Trade Master Hirgul (CE ghoul rogue 6)

Source: You Only Die Twice, pg(s). 9
For other meanings of "Corpselight", please see Corpselight (disambiguation).

Corpselight is a small farming settlement in the undead nation of Geb situated north of the Axan Wood and about two day's travel east of Graydirge.[1]

Corpselight is not a traditional farming community however. The town raises intelligent humanoids for use as food and sustenance for the various undead beings throughout Geb. These human chattel are kept in pens until they are ready to be shipped out. Standard crops are also grown in order to feed them.[2]

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