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Pathfinder Battles

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Pathfinder Battles is a ongoing line of pre-painted tactical miniatures to support the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Paizo Inc. partners with WizKids to create life-like miniatures from the incredible art and illustrations seen in many of the Pathfinder sourcebooks.


Miniatures are generally randomized, with miniatures distributed throughout a set in three rarities: common, uncommon, and rare. The premier Pathfinder Battles set, Heroes & Monsters, was unique in that its boosters held only a single figure and came in sizes Medium and Large. Since the sophomore release, Rise of the Runelords, boosters contain four figures, including three Small or Medium figures and one Large figure. To date, only the Rise of the Runelords set also contained Huge boosters, each containing one of four Huge miniatures in the set. Since then, all Huge or larger miniatures have been released as non-randomized special releases, either tied to a specific set or as standalone products.


Previous version of the Pathfinder Battles logo.

The first set of pre-painted miniatures released under the Pathfinder Battles name was the Beginner Box Heroes set of non-randomized iconics, followed by Heroes & Monsters, the first release of randomized, collectable figures. Since its initial release in 2011, WizKids has produced, as of the end of 2021, many Pathfinder Battles releases in a number of formats:

  • 20 randomized collector sets of 40+ figures each, with an associated premium set or case incentive premium figure for each
  • 9 non-randomized sets of premium figures in the Iconic Heroes series
  • 4 encounter sets themed around a given roleplaying game encounter or a single creature type
  • 2 builder series meant to bolster collectors' ranks of a given creature type
  • nearly 40 promotional figures

Collector sets

Box Title Release Date Related Products Case Incentive / Premium Set
PFBattles Heroes&Monsters.jpg Heroes & Monsters 1201January 2012 None Black Dragon (Huge)
Rise of the Runelords Battles std booster.jpg Rise of the Runelords 1208August 2012 Rise of the Runelords Rune Giant (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Shattered Star.jpg Shattered Star 1301January 2013 Shattered Star Blue Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Skull&Shackles.png Skull & Shackles 1308August 2013 Skull & Shackles Skeletal Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Legends of Golarion.jpg Legends of Golarion 1310October 2013 Various Green Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Wrath Of The Righteous.jpg Wrath of the Righteous 1401January 2014 Wrath of the Righteous Demon Lord Deskari (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Reign of Winter.jpeg Reign of Winter 1405May 2014 Reign of Winter White Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles The Lost Coast.jpg The Lost Coast 1411November 2014 Varisia Shemhazian Demon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Dungeons Deep.jpg Dungeons Deep 1506 June 2015 Dungeons Red Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles The Rusty Dragon Inn.jpg The Rusty Dragon Inn 1601 January 2016 Various Bar
PFBattles Deadly Foes.jpg Deadly Foes 1611 November 2016 Various Clockwork Dragon and Spawn of Cthulhu (Huge)
PFBattles Crown of Fangs.jpg Crown of Fangs 1705 May 2017 Curse of the Crimson Throne Court of the Crimson Throne
Maze of Death Booster.jpeg Maze of Death 1710 October 2017 Various Air Elemental Lord and Fire Elemental Lord (Huge)
Jungle of Despair booster.jpg Jungle of Despair 1804 April 2018 Serpent's Skull Hydra (Huge)
Kingmaker booster.jpg Kingmaker 1810October 2018 Kingmaker Earth Elemental Lord and Water Elemental Lord (Huge)
Ruins of Lastwall Booster.png Ruins of Lastwall 1905May 2019 Tyrant's Grasp Cemetery of the Fallen
Legendary Adventures Booster.jpeg Legendary Adventures 1910October 2019 Various Goblin Village
City of Lost OmensBooster.jpeg City of Lost Omens 2007July 2020 Various Adult Red & Black Dragons and Thieves Guild
Darklands Rising Booster.jpeg Darklands Rising 2101January 2021 Various Mengkare
Bestiary Unleashed Booster.png Bestiary Unleashed 2109September 2021 Bestiary Treerazer
The Mwangi Expanse 2202February 2022 The Mwangi Expanse Adult Cloud Dragon, Mamlambo, and Dimari-Diji

Iconic Heroes sets

Box Title Release Date Iconics
Beginner Box Heroes 1111November 2011 Ezren, Kyra, Merisiel, Valeros
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 1.jpg Iconic Heroes #1 1501January 2015 Lini (with Droogami), Sajan, Seelah, Seoni, Valeros
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 2.jpg Iconic Heroes #2 1502February 2015 Amiri, Ezren, Harsk (with Biter), Kyra, Merisiel
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 3.jpg Iconic Heroes #3 1503March 2015 Alain, Alahazra, Balazar (with Padrig), Damiel, Imrijka
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 4.jpg Iconic Heroes #4 1512 December 23, 2015 Crowe, Hakon, Jirelle, Lirianne, Shardra (with Kolo)
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 5.jpg Iconic Heroes #5 1601 January 2016 Adowyn (with Leryn), Enora, Kess, Oloch, Zadim
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 6.jpg Iconic Heroes #6 1602 February 2016 Feiya (with Daji), Hayato, Lem, Quinn, Reiko, Seltyiel
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 7.jpg Iconic Heroes Set 7 1711 November 2017 Erasmus, Estra (with Honaire), Mavaro, Yoon
Iconic Heroes Set 8 1901 January 2019 Aric, Meligaster, Red Raven, Rivani, Zova
Box Art Iconic Heroes Evolved 1905May 2019 Fumbus, Harsk, Kyra, Merisiel, Seoni, Valeros

Builder Series sets

Box Title Release Date
We be Goblins 1306June 2013
Undead Horde Display.jpg Undead Horde 1309September 2013

Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts

Following the success of Reaper Miniatures's line of unpainted plastic miniatures, WizKids released their own "Deep Cuts" line of similar figures, including both reused and new sculpts in the Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts line. Released in waves of roughly six figures every few months, these non-randomized figures provide GMs and players with the high-quality sculpts fans of the Pathfinder Battles line have come to expect, with the freedom to customize their figures to meet the needs to their own campaigns.