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Pathfinder Battles

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Pathfinder Battles is a ongoing line of pre-painted character miniatures to coincide with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Paizo Inc. partners with WizKids to create life-like miniatures from the incredible art and illustrations seen in many of the Pathfinder Adventure Paths, Bestiaries, and even core books.

Pack sizing

Starting with the Heroes & Monsters Battle Set, Paizo releases four sizes of Battle Packs:

  • Standard Boosters: These boosters contain 1-3 Small and Medium miniatures and 1 Large miniature.
  • Large Boosters: Only released in the Heroes & Monsters, these boosters contain 1 Large miniature.
  • Huge Boosters: Only released in the Rise of the Runelords, these boosters contain 1 Huge miniature.
  • Gargantuan: Every Battle Set comes with a unique Gargantuan miniature tied to the Battle Set's theme.

In addition to individual booster packs, Paizo also sells bricks and cases of miniatures. Each brick and case contains a large, but different, number of miniatures that varies with each Battle Set.

General set list

Each Battle Pack comes with a randomized set of miniatures as to average the cost of each mold used for the Battle Set. Each miniature is of one of three levels of rarity—Common, Uncommon, or Rare—representing the abundance of each miniature in Battle Packs. A miniature labeled as Common, for instance, is more likely to be in a particular booster pack compared to an Uncommon or Rare.


The first set of pre-painted miniatures released under the Pathfinder Battles name was the Heroes & Monsters Battle Pack. Because of its profitability, Paizo decided to continue the Pathfinder Battles line with the Rise of the Runelords Battle Set. This set's popularity sparked Paizo to begin creating miniatures from each existing Adventure Path.

Cover Title Release Date Related Products Case Incentive
PFBattles Heroes&Monsters.jpg Heroes & Monsters 1201January 2012 None Black Dragon (Huge)
Rise of the Runelords Battles std booster.jpg Rise of the Runelords 1208August 2012 Rise of the Runelords Rune Giant (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Shattered Star.jpg Shattered Star 1301January 2013 Shattered Star Blue Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Skull&Shackles.png Skull & Shackles 1308August 2013 Skull & Shackles Skeletal Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Legends of Golarion.jpg Legends of Golarion 1310October 2013 Various Green Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Wrath Of The Righteous.jpg Wrath of the Righteous 1401January 2014 Wrath of the Righteous Demon Lord Deskari (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Reign of Winter.jpeg Reign of Winter 1405May 2014 Reign of Winter White Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles The Lost Coast.jpg The Lost Coast 1411November 2014 Varisia Shemhazian Demon (Gargantuan)
Valeros Iconic PF mini.jpg Iconic Heroes #1 1501January 2015 Iconic Heroes None
Kyra Iconic PF mini.jpg Iconic Heroes #2 1502February 2015 Iconic Heroes None
Alahazra Iconic PF Mini.jpg Iconic Heroes #3 1503March 2015 Iconic Heroes None
PFBattles Dungeons Deep.jpg Dungeons Deep 1506 June 2015 Dungeons Red Dragon (Gargantuan)
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 4.jpg Iconic Heroes #4 1512 December 23, 2015 Iconic Heroes None
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 5.jpg Iconic Heroes #5 1601 January 2016 Iconic Heroes None
PFBattles The Rusty Dragon Inn.jpg The Rusty Dragon Inn 1601 January 2016 Various Bar
PFBattles Iconic Heroes Set 6.jpg Iconic Heroes #6 1602 February 2016 Iconic Heroes None
PFBattles Deadly Foes.jpg Deadly Foes 1611 November 2016 Various Clockwork Dragon and Spawn of Cthulhu (Huge)
PFBattles Crown of Fangs.jpg Crown of Fangs 1705 May 2017 Curse of the Crimson Throne Court of the Crimson Throne
50px Maze of Death 1710 October 2017 Various Air Elemental Lord and Fire Elemental Lord (Huge)
50px Iconic Heroes Set 7 1711 November 2017 Iconic Heroes None
50px Iconic Heroes Set 8 1712 December 2017 Iconic Heroes None
Jungle of Despair booster.jpg Jungle of Despair 1804 April 2018 Serpent's Skull Hydra (Huge)
50px Kingmaker 1810October 2018 Kingmaker Earth Elemental Lord and Water Elemental Lord (Huge)

Other sets

To bolster the Pathfinder Battles line, Paizo has released a smaller packs of individually wrapped miniatures named the Builder Series. These packs contain pouches of 2 Small or Medium miniatures of one type of creature. Paizo has also released a group of miniatures called Pathfinder Encounters, which contain 1 Small, Medium, Large, and Huge miniature of one type of creature.