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Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human lich
Class Cleric 11
Gender Female
Deity Orcus

Source: Undead Revisited, pg(s). 26f.

Phaegia was once an influential priest of Aroden. She turned to the worship of the demon lord Orcus as she felt her life slipping away with her advancing years. Phaegia was transformed into a lich so she could "live" forever but she knows that her undeath is a gift from Orcus and is careful to advance the demon lord's goals. Her fortress is a ruined temple of Aroden hidden deep in a forested valley. All symbols of Aroden have been scratched away and replaced with symbols of the demon lord Orcus. Phaegia's lieutenant is an old vampire named Arishkov Wolfstongue. Her phylactery is a startlingly blue sapphire, which is hidden within a rotting tree trunk buried 50 feet beneath a small bog near her temple.[1]


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