Pieln Melcat

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Pieln Melcat
Titles Duke
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human ghost
Class Aristocrat 2 / Psychic 5
Gender Male
Homeland Aerduin, Melcat, River Kingdoms

Source: Occult Realms, pg(s). 37

Pieln Melcat was the last ruler of the Archduchy of Melcat, a former River Kingdom which now forms the territory of the independent country of Razmiran.[1] When the self-proclaimed Living God Razmir confronted Melcat and demanded him to bend the knee, Melcat saw through Razmir's deception and proclaimed that his soldiers would crush the charlatan, but failed to anticipate Razmir's power: the next day, Razmir utterly obliterated his capital city, which came to be known as Aerduin's Folly. Melcat lingers behind as a ghost, and the city's traumatic destruction both warped his mind and turned him into a psychic. He now gathers undead to his cause, seeking to overthrow Razmir.[2]


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