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Razmir's holy symbol
Titles The Living God
Master of the 31 Steps
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Wizard 19
Gender Male
Homeland Thronestep, Razmiran
Images of Razmir

Source: Masks of the Living God, pg(s). 29
See also: Razmiran priest

Razmir is the ruler of Razmiran and a self-proclaimed living deity.[1]


Razmir appeared in the Arch-Duchy of Melcat, in the western part of the River Kingdoms in 4661 AR, claiming he had gained divinity by passing the Test of the Starstone. While he actually has no divine abilities, his incredible arcane power was enough proof of his godhood to many people. His religion quickly spread throughout the kingdom, with only the capital, Aerduin, resisting. Razmir approached the city at the edge of the Vergan Forest on 17 Erastus and demanded fealty of Duke Melcat three times; three times he was refused. That night he summoned a terrible cloud of fire, and by morning the city and all of its inhabitants had been reduced to ash and ruin. Few resisted him after that.[2][1]

Razmir has expanded his territory three times since then, each at the expense of another River Kingdom, and now rules a sizable nation under the total domination of his clergy.[1] Razmir has been on the throne for decades now, and is beginning to fear his own mortality. To stave off death, he seeks vials of the sun orchid elixir from Thuvia to halt his aging until he can achieve true immortality.[2]

In 4719 AR, after Tar-Baphon was freed from his prison, Razmir announced that if the Tyrant did not disturb him and his country, he would return the favour; both parties seem satisfied by this arrangement. However, those near the clergy have begun to whisper that Razmir has begun to act erratically and become withdrawn from his priests. Some of his faithful are frightened by this lapse in protection, especially in the face of the Whispering Tyrant, but the rumour has not spread far outside of the secret circles in Thronestep and First Step.[3]


Razmir claims to be a god of law, luxury, obedience, and the land of Razmiran itself.[4]

Clerics of Razmir

See also: False divine magic

Razmiran priests use arcane magic to mimic the abilities of true clerics, relying on obscure spells, secret "holy" magic items, and folk remedies to fill in the gaps when it comes to healing.[4]


Razmiran priests are able to exhibit the powers of a divine domain as though they were servants of a real god. The domains that Razmir is able to falsely replicate for his followers are Charm, Evil, Law, or Trickery.[5]


Tears of Razmir is a drug created by Razmir and used by his followers to earn income for the church.[6]