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Arch-Duchy of Melcat

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 158-159
For another meaning of "Melcat", please see Melcat (person).

The Arch-Duchy of Melcat was a River Kingdom on the edge of Lake Encarthan in what today is the nation of Razmiran.


Throughout its history, rulership of the region had changed on a regular basis, much like the other fiefdoms in the area. In 4661 AR, a man named Razmir appeared, claiming to be a deity who had recently completed the Test of the Starstone and demanding that people worship him. Using his supposed divine powers, Razmir overthrew the local magistrate and Trades Guild of the city of Xer, and began to gather followers by coercion and guile.

Eventually only the ruler of the River Kingdom, Duke Melcat, resisted him from his capital of Aerduin in the Vergan Forest. Razmir arrived at the city on 17 Erastus and demanded three times that the Duke swear fealty to him; he was rebuked three times. That night, Razmir summoned a cloud of fire that engulfed the city, killing all of its inhabitants and reducing its structures to ash. On that night, the Arch-Duchy of Melcat ceased to be, and the nation of Razmiran was born.12