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Aura (1E)
Strong necromancy
Caster Level (1E)
Slot (1E)
Source: Mythic Adventures, pg(s). 166

Plaguebringer is an intelligent pathogen that exists only to spread disease and cause suffering by turning its host into a spreader of diseases while granting them complete immunity.1


When without a host, Plaguebringer is blind and only has limited awareness, but is also too small to be visible to the naked eye; only detect evil could reveal its presence.1


Plaguebringer can try to infect a new host by entering its body; if it fails, Plaguebringer cannot retry infecting the same host for a month. The host of Plaguebringer will contract any disease exposed to them, but also suffers no ill effects from them, essentially turning them into an asymptomatic carrier and spreader for all the diseases of the world. To aid the host in this, Plaguebringer grants an array of abilities ranging from an aura of unlife that heals undead and harms the living, to a vampiric touch capability, to the ability to summon a nightwing.1

When infecting a host, Plaguebringer has full access to its host's senses along with darkvision and blindsense with a range of 120 feet. Hosts that please it are protected by Plaguebringer; however, if they resist it, Plaguebringer will withhold its abilities and seek to take control and then leave, forcing the former host to suffer the symptoms of all the diseases they previously contracted.1

To be destroyed, Plaguebringer must first be forced or tricked into the body of an angel, who must then willingly sacrifice itself at the heart of a star.1


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