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Level 5
Adjective Poltergeist

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 264

A poltergeist is a restless spirit of a mortal unwilling to move on from where it died and proceed to the afterlife. In contrast with ghosts, poltergeists are always evil and can manipulate physical objects through telekinesis.[1]


Poltergeists are invisible, but can reveal a form resembling a skeletal ghost in order to frighten creatures who encroach on its site.[1]


Poltergeists are bound to a specific site and cannot travel far from it. Some are limited to a specific building, or even a single room. They are naturally invisible and only reveal their form to frighten interlopers; they otherwise use telekinesis to throw small physical objects, sometimes many at once.[1]

Like some other incorporeal undead creatures, poltergeists reform days after their destruction and can only be put to rest by resolving the cause of their trauma.[1]


Creatures who experience extreme emotional trauma before death might become poltergeists afterward, and disturbing a burial site — for instance, to construct a new building, even accidentally — often stirs them into creation.[1]


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