Prana ghost

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Prana ghost
A Half-elf prana ghost.

(augmented, extraplanar, incorporeal)
Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 40

Prana ghosts are ghost-like souls that willed themselves back to the Material Plane from the River of Souls to achieve some unfinished business.1


Formed entirely from prana (or vital life essence), prana ghosts are incorporeal and serenely float above the ground.1


As a creature dies, its soul enters the River of Souls passing through the Astral Plane before arriving at the Boneyard. Some souls, wishing to finish one last act, will themselves back to the Material Plane as a prana ghost. Prana ghosts are not undead and function very differently from them, indeed undead are drawn to the prana that composes a prana ghost.1

Compared to undead ghosts, prana ghosts have much better control over their emotions and actions, and seek to quickly and safely complete their unfinished business. Prana ghosts tend to avoid worldly affairs and prefer to indirectly achieve their goals by influencing others, except when victory or failure is at hand (usually to the surprise of those that have been influenced by them). It is usually impossible to destroy prana ghosts through combat; they only depart for the Astral Plane once their task is finished or becomes unachievable. Most such prana ghosts then continue to the Boneyard, but some others stay, either to plot a reversal of fortunes for themselves or people they know, or because they are unready for judgement.1

Prana ghosts are usually, but not always, more benevolent than undead ghosts, as any creature, good or evil, can become a prana ghost if they are willing enough to leave the River of Souls and accept the consequences of delaying their judgement.1


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