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The type of accessory. (en)  +
An artist that worked on this book or product. (en)  +
The type of audio product. (en)  +
This entity was written by the given Person. This property can appear multiple times to indicate multiple authors. (en)  +
An ordered version of the Author property stored as records. (en)  +
Any awards this product has won. (en)  +
The type of book. (en)  +
The number of chapters. (en)  +
The composer who worked on this product. (en)  +
This property is meant to be used as a debugging helper and should only store valures temporarily. (en)  +
The type of deck in this product. (en)  +
The number of cards in this deck. (en)  +
A wikitext description of the entity. (en)  +
The designer working on this product. (en)  +
The developer who worked on this product. (en)  +
How big the product is. (en)  +
The directory working on this product. (en)  +
Yes, if autocomplete makes no sense for this property in forms. (en)  +
The number discs in this audio product. (en)  +
The engine used in this video game. (en)  +