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The Puddlegut is a tavern in the the Puddles district of Absalom.[1] Its original incarnation was burned down by Talish and the Banshees.[2]


A small, dark tavern in the Puddles, The Puddlegut had a single entry in the front and back, with a bar surrounded by stools.[1] There was a shrine to Cayden Cailean on the back wall, complete with candles. Behind the bar, a cash-box and a bottle of Qadiran cider could normally be found.[2]


The beer tastes like rotten lemon juice, but the premises are empty enough for privacy, and the waitstaff have enough time to get to know the regulars.[1]

Notable Individuals

  • Allyra is a waitress at The Puddlegut and keeps on top of the gossip about her patrons.[1]
  • Blit is a common patron.[1]


The pub is a secret church to Cayden Cailean, and all of the employees are religious devotees that use this as their headquarters. They store their armor and robes in the back room for when they go out to free slaves.[2]


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