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Titles The Patch Man
Race/Species Tiefling
Class Alchemist
Gender Male
Homeland Absalom

Source: The Patch Man, pg(s). Chapter 1

Blit is known in the The Puddles district of Absalom and is also known as the Patch Man to the less reputable guilds of the district.[1]


As a demon-spawn, Blit has horns of considerable size covering his head, claws on his extremities, and a grey skin tone.[1]



Blit has settled down in various cities in the past.[1] In each, he becomes the person to patch up messes made by the criminal organizations. He does this by using formulae that he has learned as an alchemist to make evidence of violent crime disappear.[1]


Blit's house is little more than three walls and a roof.[1] He has at least one backup laboratory situated in the city.[3]


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