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Titles Venture-Captain (former)
Race/Species Human (Garundi)
Gender Male
Homeland Katapesh
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: The Asmodeus Mirage, pg(s). 3

The Garundi Venture-Captain Rafmeln headed the Katapesh Pathfinder Lodge. He last sent an expedition into the Asmodeus Mirage, a relic of the time when Rovagug battled various deities and their heralds across Golarion. The Pathfinder Society had long sought the secret to locating the vast, illusory construct and its legendary crystal skeleton.[1] After that mission, Venture-Captain Aurora Steelbloom has been listed as the venture-captain of rank for the Katapesh Lodge.[2]


Venture-Captain Rafmeln is a quiet and unassuming man with a shock of white hair and spectacles.[1]