Asmodeus Mirage

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Asmodeus Mirage

Source: The Asmodeus Mirage, pg(s). 3-13

The Asmodeus Mirage is (or was, see below) a demiplane created by the destruction of an unnamed herald of Asmodeus by Rovagug. A connection between it and Golarion appears once every 100 years in the deserts of northwestern Katapesh, hard against the Brazen Peaks and north-northwest of the source of the Pale River. This connection remains open for a single 24-hour period before disappearing again for a century.23


Created before Rovagug was imprisoned during the Age of Creation, the Asmodeus Mirage was explored by the Pathfinder Society in 4709 AR. Their actions there may have caused the demiplane to become disconnected from the Universe.4


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