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Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 30

Several millennia after the collapse of Ghol-Gan empire, but long before Chelish explorers made their way to the Shackles, two powerful sorcerers known as Raugsmauda and Gray Whyrlis fought one another for control of the archipelago. They both uncovered the powerful sorceries that caused the doom of Ghol-Gan and attempted to harness them. In the end, however, the sorcerers failed to understand and control the powers they were using. In a disastrous incident Gray Whyrlis was lost and Raugsmauda, heavily injured, was forced to retreat into her dungeon on Motaku Isle for centuries.1

It was assumed that Raugsmauda was gone forever but in 4512 AR a group of adventurers descended into the Pit of Raugsmauda and discovered the sorcerer, now transformed to a vicious lich. The adventurers fought Raugsmauda who fled westward and eventually settled on a small uninhabited, cave-riddled, volcanic isle that now has the name of Raugsmauda's Reach.2

Soon after the Eye of Abendego formd in the north, Raugsmauda began to sail the archipelago as captain of the black galleon Naiegoul one night each month. On these nights, her dreadful galleon can appear anywhere across the Shackles to capture lone vessels with unholy ease. No ship is more feared in the starlit night than Naiegoul whose black flag bears the words Geghalle Omutapura, or "Hope Vanishes" written in the Ghol-Gan language not spoken in millennia.2

The Free Captains would like to get rid of Raugsmauda and the Pirate Council has supported three expeditions so far, but each ship sent out returned awash with blood and unmanned but a single sailor crucified to the main mast.2


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