Raugsmauda's Reach

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Raugsmauda's Reach.

Raugsmauda's Reach, also known as the Isle of the Dead, is a cave-riddled volcanic isle in the Shackles that became the lair of the vicious lich Raugsmauda after she fled from the Pit of Raugsmauda on Motaku Isle in 4512 AR. Soon after the Eye of Abendego erupted in the north, Raugsmauda began to sail the archipelago as captain of the galleon Naiegoul one night each month. No ship is more feared in the starlit night than Naiegoul, whose black flag bears the words "Geghalle Omutapura", or "Hope Vanishes" as written in the Ghol-Gan language not spoken in millennia.1

Sickly yellow-gray fumes waft up from the rocky earth of the island and the towering Lurching Mountain. Unhealthy twisted trees wrapped by thorny vines grow up from the cracked land and undergrowth cover the rest of the island. Large arachnids patrol the black sand beaches, and fat, strange crows perch everywhere. The writhed forest of Steirwood hosts most of the hordes of undead that roam the island. Raugsmauda's stone tower, six stories high, is located at the western edge of the island and looms over a natural harbor. The long wharf of the Naiegoul is just out from the tower's heavy iron portcullis.1


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