Rekaereil Sandurei

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Rekaereil Sandurei
Titles High Priest
Gender Male
Homeland Imvrildara, Fierani Forest, Kyonin
Deity Calistria
Organization Imvrildarai
Died 4714 AR

Source: Inner Sea Temples, pg(s). 56

High Priest Rekaereil Sandurei led the Imvrildarai until his assassination by cambions in 4714 AR. His body was also taken by his killers.

An archivist and moderate in what was traditionally a militaristic sect of Calistrian worship, Sandurei's appointment was the culmination of years of easy victories against Treerazer and its demonic forces. He is succeeded as High Priest by the more militaristic Delerenai Ashwalker.[1]