Fierani Forest

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The Fierani Forest is a vast woodland that covers the majority of the elven kingdom of Kyonin. It spread throughout most of southern Avistan during the Age of Legend, and although the woodland has long since receded, the forest that remains is ancient, with tall, strong, thick-canopied trees.1


Wildlife is abundant, and fey live comfortably in unexpected niches. Although thick with trees in many places, large clearings and glens break up the wood, but settlements and communities rarely do. The many elven villages and towns that dot the Fierani tend to be built straight into the surrounding forest, visually becoming part of landscape instead of replacing it.2 This naturally makes settlements difficult for outsiders to locate, even more so if the elves utilise illusion magics to conceal the town from prying eyes. This is rarely an issue, however, as foreigners are strictly forbidden from wandering the forest under penalty of death.1

To the far south of the forest, where it meets the corrupted swampland Tanglebriar, the forest becomes noticeably harsher, twisted and corrupted. This is the tainting effect of the demon Treerazer and his foul minions.2


The forest is home to a wide variety of fey, whom the local elves treat with a mixture of respect and caution. Arboreal regents and giant owls are also quite common.3


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